About Us

A problem is only a problem as long as it is not solved.
It is our mission to establish and customize client-focused solutions, for individuals or businesses, across borders and boundaries as to meet & exceed customers’ needs & expectations.

Shahin Guzu Group (S.G. Group) was founded in 2019 in Istanbul-Turkey by Mr.& Mrs. Shahin Oglo. Despite the fact that the Company is newly established, it incorporates the added value of the founders’ combined international experience extending over 30 years in the business sector.
As a family business, with the founder’s personal money invested, we recognise the prerequisites and the hard-work necessary to make your business thrive because we fully comprehend the challenges and the risks you face in the current business market.

S.G. Group offers
Business Consultation in the following sectors

Problem Solutions

“It’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes,” Joseph Conrad (1896).
This is a very old saying that stands so true. As an entrepreneur you will face hurdles that might decrease profitability or even go as far as to cause losses, which makes running your business extremely hard. However, mistakes are only lessons to be learned. The problem is only a problem as long as it is not solved.
S.G. Group specialises in Troubleshooting as it can offer you: Client- Focused Solutions by way of analysing your problem from all angles. Whether you are an entrepreneur with a new business in Turkey, or you require to expand or improve on your current and existing business, we can offer you professional counsel. After we assess your business and study your market-position, we offer you ways to establish higher profitability with available resources. If you wish to diversify, grow or simply just want to improve productivity, we can offer you avenues to resolve your issues. Our solutions use only scientific methods as we focus on your specific needs with the purpose of furthering the prosperity of your business. Our goal is to help you expand your boundaries and exceed your limitations in order to achieve excellence and superiority.


Turkey, as a member of the G20 since its establishment in 1999, continues to be ranked 16 proving its globally acclaimed position.
Being a mature strategically located investment market, Turkey offers many opportunities for serious investors and entrepreneurs. S.G. Group offers services to help you start your new business and ease your market entry in Turkey. However, if you are an existing business and wish to diversify, one of our priorities is to expand your horizons, help you think outside the box and open up the chance for opportunities and possibilities.
Also, your business expansion can grow beyond your boundaries and go beyond borders. Go further as to invest, import or export cargo between Turkey and the Gulf Region. S.G. Group can offer consultation and assistance through our existing Company in the Sultanate of Oman and our ‘Network of Companies’ in Dubai and Bahrain.

Real Estate Consultancies

In Turkey

Turkey is one the main hubs to invest in Real-State. Buying a property in Turkey can open many avenues for you. Being a country that offers tourists many options which include: beautiful countryside, history, leisure and great cuisine; can be the best place for you to buy your holiday home. Stop spending money on hotels and invest your money smartly by buying your own property. You can buy a smaller condo or an apartment in the city and enjoy the city life with all it can offer; otherwise a bigger flat or a house in the suburbs and enjoy the holiday seasons with your family.

For the high-end investors ($250,000+) you can invest not only in property but also in your future, as Turkey offers you Citizenship if you desire to be part of this historical greatness and pride.

S.G. Group can offer you advise and assistance in all of the above.
We will make sure you avoid the frequent issues and common mistakes new investors can make. The bombardment of marketeers offering wrong information and numerous advice can misguide and confuse the new arrivals and waist their time and money.

Outside Turkey

Looking forward towards expanding your investment outside Turkey? And you wish to invest in property in the Gulf Region; SG Group can offer you valuable consultation and assistance through our existing company in the Sultanate of Oman and our ‘Network of Companies’ in Dubai and Bahrain.


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